"z" litter / 10.2023

matka: kaszubka via rivendall

ojciec: wojan razydonia



"Z" litter/ 10.2023

Mother: KASZUBKA Via Rivendall

father: WOJAN Razydonia


age: 1 week

age: 7 weeks

"W" litter / 12.2021

mother: Ucieszka via Rivendall

father: DIEGO DUCKBURY Von Der Musenburg

"U" litter / 10.2021

mother: Kaszubka via Rivendall

father: UŁAN Via Rivendall

"T" litter / 04.2021

mother: Ucieszka via Rivendall

father: NASZKO Via Rivendall

The puppies we welcome into the world at Razydonia® are well cared for. We make sure that from the very beginning they have close contact with humans and are well socialized.

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 Razydonia® FCI

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

We plan puppies for october 2024

Father: WOJAN RAzydonia

mother: KASZUBKA Via Rivendall

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