Club Show of Polish Dog Breeds in Germany (APH), Bramsche, 5.09.2021

 Best in Show

 Best of Breed (BOB) and Club Winner out of 50th entries

 Open class: excellent, place Ist of 10 

 Requests for German VDH Champion and APH Club Champion

Judge: Katja Jasica (Belgia)


International Dog Show, Fehraltorf (Switzerland) , 29.08.2021

 Request for Swiss Champion (CAC)

Judge: Mr. Pierluigi Buratti (IT)


International Dog Show, Fehraltorf (Switzerland) , 28.08.2021

 Best of Oppostite Sex

 Request for Swiss Champion (CAC)

 Request for International Champion FCI (CACIB)

Judge: Mr. Claus-Peter Fricke (DE)


International Dog Show, Fehraltorf (Switzerland) , 27.08.2021

 Best of Breed

Request for Swiss Champion (CAC)

 Request for International Champion FCI (CACIB)

Judge: Mrs. Lisbeth Mach (Szwajcaria)


International Dog Show, Ludwigshafen (Germany), 15.08.2021

  Best of Oppostite Sex (BOS)

Request for German Champion (CAC)

 Request for International Champion FCI (CACIB)

Judge: Mr. Andras Korozs (HU)


International Dog Show, Koper (Slovenia) 7.08.2021

  Best of Oppostite Sex (BOS)

Request for Slovenia Champion (CAC)

 Request for International Champion FCI (CACIB)

Judge: Mr. Dušan TRAVNIKAR (RS)


National Dog Show,  Gorzów Wielkopolski (Poland), 13.09.2020

 Yout Winner place 1st of 3

 Best Junior 

Judge: Mr. Marek Czerniakowski (PL)


Crufts 2024 Nomination
Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)
 Request for Polish Champion (CAC)

 Request for International Champion FCI (CACIB)

Champion class place I/2

Judge: Mr. Tomasz Borkowski
National Dog Show, Rybnik, 2.09.2023
Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)
Requests for Polish Champion (CAC)
Judge: Mrs. Anna Garbacka-Warecka (PL)
National Dog Show, Świebodzice (Wałbrzych, Poland) 18.03.2023.
Best of Breed (BOB)
CAC, Best Adult Female
Breed judging: Mrs. Anna Kochan
"Best of Polish Breed" II of 4 entries  judge: Mr. Piotr Król, handling Ewelina Rybak
"Best of Group 1" IV; judge: Mrs Alexandra Grygarová (CZ) .
National Dog Show, Rydzyna (Leszno, Poland) 4.03.2023.
Best of Breed
Best Bitch, CAC
Breed judging: Mr Andrzej Zamoyski (PL)
"Best of Polish Breed" 3rd of 6 entier, judge: Mr Andrzej Szutkiewicz (PL)


International Dog Show, Wrocław (Poland), 23.09.2022

 CRUFTS 2023 Nomination

 Request for International Champion FCI (CACIB)  

 Request for Polish Champion (CAC)

 Best Female,

Judge: Mr. Andrzej Stępiński (PL)


Nationak Dog Show, Lipno (Włocławek, Poland), 23.07.2022

 Best of Breed (BOB)

 Request for Polish Champion (CAC)

 Best Female 

Judge: Mrs. Joanna Adamowska

Basic data:

  • Father: NASZKO Via Rivendall
  • Mother: PASTERKA Via Rivendall
  • Born 28.07.2019
  • Pedigree PKR.I-92964 K
  • Genetic profile
  • PRA: free

Kaszubka is an over 4-year-old female of the Polish Lowland Sheepdog (PON) breed with a very cheerful and friendly disposition, with a strong build and bone. She is very jumping, agile, fast and also very "talkative". 

At the age of 2 she won the titles "Best of Breed" (BOB), "Club Winner" out of 50 PON's, and "Best in Show" (BIS) at the 30th Club Show of Polish Dog Breeds in Germany, Bramsche - APH ev (APH Club).  The show was judged by Mrs. Katja Jasica from Belgium, a very experienced PON breeder.

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 Razydonia® FCI

Polish Lowland Sheepdog

KASZUBKA via Rivendall

APH Club Show Winner 2021, International Champion, Polish Champion

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