How to recognise "puppy mill" and why you should avoid buying dogs from such places?

It is worth supporting honest breeders who put all their heart and time into developing the kennel and the dogs. Avoiding puppy mill is an important step in ensuring a healthy and happy dog.

To recognise a puppy mill, look out for these signs: 

  • Organisation: whether the kennel belongs to an organisation and which one - this should be verified,

  • Price: if the price of the puppy is significantly lower than the average price of the breed, this could be a warning signal,

  • Conditions: assess the conditions in which the dogs are housed. If they are unclean, neglected or crowded, it can be a puppy mill.

  • Documentation: make sure you get full documentation, including the puppy's certificate and health book. Based on the certificate, you can create a pedigree for your dog by reporting to the nearest branch of the Kennel Club.

  • Contact with breeder: Ask the breeder questions about the care of the dogs, their health and the conditions of the kennel. A genuine breeder will be happy to answer your questions and support you after your purchase. 


You should avoid buying a dog from a puppy mill for several reasons:

  • Health and genetics: In a puppy mill, proper genetic and health testing of the dogs' parents is not carried out, which can lead to hereditary diseases in the puppies.

  • Conditions: Puppy mills are often run in poor conditions, which negatively affects the health and socialisation of the puppies. Kennels of the Kennel Club adhere to certain breeding rules, e.g. a female dog can have puppies once a year, and dogs used for breeding must be licensed for breeding - it is not enough for a dog to have a pedigree. Not every pedigree dog should be bred because of its conformation flaws, genetic defects or behavioural problems.

  • Lack of documentation: In puppy mills you will rarely get proper documentation.

  • Lack of proper support: Genuine kennels offer support and guidance to new dog owners, which is often lacking in pseudo-breeding.

What makes us stand out?

We show our dogs at many dog shows and they achieve success with various judges from different countries. And you, as a potential buyer of a PON from our kennel, can see the parents of your puppy.

Wojan and Kaszubka, the parents of our future puppies, are dogs with healthy hips, hearts and eyes. They have won many dog shows mainly due to their excellent body proportions, correctly built limbs and very efficient movement, which is crucial for a working dog.

Wojan (now a 22 month old dog) this year out of 24 shows, 17 times got the Request for Poland Champion (CAC), became the Best Dog 13 times (he beat all the males in the breed), Best of Breed 8 times (BOB), Best of the Opposite Sex 6 times (BOS) and Best junior 2 times.

Kaszubka (now International Champion of Poland and Slovenia) at the club show in 2021 became Best of Breed out of 50 PONs , and Ucieszka, Wojan's mother (now International Champion, Grand Champion of Poland and German Champion) won this show in 2022.

We care about:

  1.  The best possible pairing of dogs when planning a litter. This is a time-consuming process and requires appropriate knowledge and analysis to avoid the transmission or reduce the risk of genetic defects.

  2.  Regular vet visits and medical check-ups - our dogs used for breeding are examined for dysplasia, heart defects or eye defects (Progressive Retinal Atrophy - RCD4-PRA). Mating healthy parents reduces the risk of defects in puppies.

  3.  Healthy nutrition, full of nutrients. We feed our dogs natural BARF food, a biologically appropriate raw diet.

  4.  Dog grooming - our dogs are regularly bathed and combed.

  5.  The right amount of exercise and socialisation. Our dogs regularly go for walks and attend various classes, such as handling (classes on how to present the dog at a show), behavioural workshops and agility

  6.  Additional: participation of our dogs in dog shows to get feedback from various judges and to promote our Polish breed, also abroad.

We belong to ZKwP, the Kennel Club in Poland (FCI member)

Why is it worth choosing a dog from our kennel?

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